Baden: the Aquae Helvetiae of the Romans

Baden (1256 feet a/s), the Aquae Helvetiae of the Romans. It is an acknowledged fact that in Roman times the principal military road of Helvetia led through Baden, connecting the watering-place with Vindonissa, the great Helvetian fortress, six miles away.

The Baden city tower stands above the northern end of the Oberstadt.

In the year 1872, beyond the Roman road in Baden, in the direction of Vindonissa, the foundations of a large connected block of buildings, which, when fully excavated, revealed fourteen apartments of various sizes, from 10 to 88 feet in length were discovered. The peculiar architecture of the same, the numerous medical and surgical instruments and utensils found there, the proximity of the before-mentioned fortress, where Roman soldiers were stationed, the thermal springs and the excellent arrangement already existing for their use, all these facts make it clear that the building in question served as a Roman military hospital.

The ruins of Stein Castle in Baden Switzerland.

Later on in the Middle Age, the little watering-place, which is picturesquely situated on the River Limmat, was a fortress, and down to the 15th Century often the residence of the Counts of Hapsburg. With these ancient historical connections, the town possesses an Old World charm of its own and is continuously gaining in favour.

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