• Photo of Canton of Aargau

    Canton of Aargau

    In 1798, the Swiss Confederacy was occupied by French troops, leading to the proclamation of the Helvetic Republic. Bernese Aargau…

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  • Photo of Solothurn


    Solothurn, canton of northwest Switzerland extending from the fertile Aare River lowland across the high, parallel ridges of the Jura…

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  • Photo of Schaffhausen


    Schaffhausen (1332 feet a/s), whose well preserved medieval buildings give the town the unmistakable stamp of a Swabian town of…

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  • Photo of Lucerne


    Lucerne (1437 feet a/s) is situated at the northwest end of the famous lake of the same name, at the…

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  • Photo of Seealpsee in the Appenzellerland

    Seealpsee in the Appenzellerland

    The well-known Seealpsee is located in the Alpstein area at an altitude of 1141 meters above sea level and above…

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  • Photo of Basel Switzerland

    Basel Switzerland

    Basel makes its first historical appearance in the fourth century as Basilea, a Roman post, which rose to importance on…

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  • Photo of Oeschinen Lake in the Canton of Bern

    Oeschinen Lake in the Canton of Bern

    The Oeschinen Lake (Oeschinensee) is a mountain lake in the municipality of Kandersteg in the canton of Bern. It is…

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  • Photo of Glarus – uniquely versatile

    Glarus – uniquely versatile

    Glarus (1490 feet a/s), the capital of the Canton of this name, situated at the foot of the noble Glarnisch.…

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  • Photo of The City of Basel: the old Basilea of the Romans

    The City of Basel: the old Basilea of the Romans

    Basel, 860 feet a/s, the old Basilea of the Romans, is safely enthroned upon the stately banks of the Rhine,…

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  • Photo of Bern


    Bern (or Berne) occupies an elevated position 100 feet above the River Aare, which almost surrounds the city.  The river…

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