Discover the most beautiful places in Switzerland

With so many spectacular destinations, cities and towns, it is hard to point out the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

When I talk about the most beautiful places in Switzerland, I definitely do not think of the more prominent Swiss cities. I’m thinking more of a place where it’s quiet and idyllic, a bit mystical perhaps, or even a place where historical treasures are dormant.

What may appear to be a picture-perfect landscape in tourist guides is, in fact, a reality for me. Dazzling lakes, impressive mountain ranges and picturesque villages with medieval bay windows and cobbled streets are only a bike ride from my home.

Sometimes, we can recognise the beauty of a place only when we fully embrace it, and if we are lucky, these places will reveal the jewels that hide in the environment. Visiting these overwhelming, remote places of Switzerland, means having the opportunity to discover a unique place, where you can spend a few special hours exploring the simple beauties of nature. Stroll along a medieval piazza or enjoy the view over colourful meadows and valleys, get lost in the turquoise blue of the mountain lakes and forget everything else except the here and now for just a moment. Following are a few mystical and romantic places in Switzerland, where you are guaranteed to fall in love with this beautiful country.

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

View on Lake Geneva from Lavaux

No wonder that the vineyards of Lavaux in the canton of Vaud are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The generous area of ​​lush vineyard terraces was once built by local monks and winemakers. Enjoy a picnic on the slopes of Lavaux after a short hike and appreciate the most magnificent view over Lake Geneva.

The Lavaux area is the historical centre of Swiss wine-making and in the first rank in terms of quality.  Here the history of the great ecclesiastical estates stretches back over a millennium. This is no ordinary area – it is the historical heart of the Vaud and hence at the centre of the most complex and rich traditions of wine growing in Switzerland.

Getting to Lavaux

Trains are your best option when travelling to and in the Lavaux region on the northern shores of Lake Geneva. Take the fast train to Lausanne from Zurich, Geneva or Bern and change to the regional S-Bahn train.

From Zurich / Direction Genève-Aéroport

Duration: 2h 40min

One-way ticket: from CHF 12.60 (economy class)

From Geneva / Direction Zurich Main Station

Duration: 57min

One-way ticket: from CHF 5.20 (economy class)

From Bern / Direction Genève-Aéroport

Duration: 31h 30min

One-way ticket: from CHF 6.40 (economy class)

If you intend to travel through Switzerland by train, you should definitely consider buying the Swiss Half Fare Card for CHF 120 and save up to 50% on train journeys, buses, boats and on most mountain railway systems.

Example:  You’d like to visit the Jungfrau Region.  The standard ticket from Zurich to Jungfraujoch would cost CHF 374.80 and CHF 187.40 with the Half-Fare Card.  The Swiss mountain rail fares are expensive and your Half-Fare travelcard will pay for itself in a single journey.

Creux du Van

Vivid sunset with sunstar over cliff Creux du Van

The Swiss Jura is home to woodlands and meadows, rambling stone fences and lonely mountain hamlets.  Creux du Van, located at the border of the cantons of Neuenburg and Vaud is a natural rock arena of immense proportions. The area around this incredible semi-circular amphitheatre forms Switzerland’s oldest nature reserve, which was established in 1870. The walk is rated easy even though it has a relatively long overall distance of 21 kilometres.

Start off at Motiers and finish in Noiraigue.  Both places are on the Val de Travers rail line and are easily accessible from the city of Neuchatel.

Stein am Rhein

Colorful houses in the swiss town Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein, located in the Canton Schaffhausen,  with the stately Castle of Hoheknlingen and several other pretty villages, and romantic ruins, sprinkled in between, is such a touristy town that many travellers avoid its narrow streets and ancient buildings altogether.  The secret is to stay overnight so you that you can enjoy the medieval atmosphere when the day-trippers have gone home. In addition to the colourful stories told by the painted facades of historic buildings, there is also a medicinal plant garden you should discover in the romantic monastery of St. Georgen.


Crystal clear lake Blausee

The small, picturesque lake in the Bernese Oberland is located in a riverside nature reserve. Passing through a romantic wilderness, among mighty rocks and labyrinths of stones,  you finally arrive, in the thick dusk of wood, to the Blausee, which suddenly, like a picture of fairyland, lies at your feet. A shimmering, crystal clear, blue flood, with the most beautiful rainbow coloured reflections and optical illusions. Don’t forget to taste the Blausee trout at the local restaurant.

…to be continued so please visit back soon!

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