The Holy Meteora Monasteries

The land of the Greek gods is full of myths.  Ancient buildings and magnificent temples can be found almost everywhere. An extraordinary place is Meteora in the north of the mainland with its Orthodox monasteries. They tower on limestone cliffs high above the landscape and can only be reached by dizzying stairs. The panoramas that are offered here are, of course, breathtaking. Of the original 24 monasteries that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, six are still inhabited today.

James Bond fans should definitely visit the Agia Triada Monastery.  A part of the movie In Deadly Mission was filmed here in the 80s.

The Monasteries of the Meteora are one of the most impressive sights in Greece. Inside the monasteries are equally impressive with exquisite collections of manuscripts and frescoed chapels. These monasteries were built high on precipitous rocks and for centuries were almost inaccessible.  You are not likely to forget the first moment the magnificent Meteora comes into view.

How to get to Meteora

Central Athens: Take the Metro line 3 (Blue line) direct to Syntagma, or the Suburban Train (1 train every hour, first train departs 06:09 am, last 22:50 pm) or catch the public bus line X95.

Larissa (or Larissis) Athens Train Station: Take the Metro Line 3 (Blue line) to Syntagma Station and there change to Line 2 to Larissa Station. You may also take the Suburban Train from the airport, it goes directly to Larissa.

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