Top 3 Croatian Coastal Cities to visit this summer for an unforgettable holiday

Croatia, the 28th member state of the European Union

In spite of being a relatively small country, Croatia presents the visitor with a vast choice of places to see and things to do. Boasting some of Europe’s most beautiful coastline, a beach holiday in Croatia is sure to make for an unforgettable experience. However, there is far more to Croatia than just sun, sea and sand. The country is home to many historical relics which can easily match those elsewhere in Europe. Croatia is home to hospitable people, plenty of great food, fine wine and much more. The tourist infrastructure is also highly developed, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday. Here are three of the best coastal cities to visit at any time of year.


Split is the largest city in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. This stunning city is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The entire centre revolves around Diocletian’s Palace, an enormous palace constructed in 1700 years ago as a retirement home for the Roman emperor, Diocletian. Here you will see a mishmash of historical architecture since the majority of the old city is built into the walls and columns of the palace. Truly unique and fantastically beautiful, Split is a great place to walk around on the warm summer evenings. The streets of the palace area are too narrow to allow vehicles, making them ideal for pedestrians. Between Diocletian’s palace and the harbour is an enormous promenade where you can enjoy a glass of wine and beautiful views of the sea. Also, be sure to climb to the top of the clock tower in the palace region since it affords splendid views of the city.

Fruit Square in the Split Old Town
Fruit Square in the Split Old Town.

Split is a great base from which to explore the surrounding region of Dalmatia. Some of Europe’s finest beaches may be found in the area and, if you want to do an excursion to one of the numerous islands just off the coast, there are many boat trips which may be easily organised for a modest fee. Just wonder down the harbour side to find them.

The cheapest way to get to Split is usually with one of the budget airlines. EasyJet has flights throughout the year from various cities in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Many other countries in Europe also have cheap seasonal flights to Croatia.


Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most famous tourist destination and with good reason too. This small and exceptionally beautiful town, set inside a magical citadel all of red tile roofs, ancient buildings and narrow streets has a distinctly Italian style partly due to its history as the capital of the Italian Republic of Ragusa. Since 1979, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

View from rooftop terrace at sunset
View of Dubrovnik from a rooftop terrace at sunset.

Dubrovnik was heavily damaged in the Croatian War of Independence which came to an end in 1995. There is very little sign of this now, however, if you look carefully enough, you will notice mortar marks in some of the Old Town’s many cobbled streets. The Old Town is small and enclosed by ancient walls. It is a great place to see on foot on a warm summer evening. Be sure to visit Roland’s Column, the Bell Tower and the Placa Stadium. The city is full of ancient buildings, churches, monasteries and museums. You can also walk along the walls to enjoy stunning views of the city.

The cheapest way to get to Dubrovnik is with one of the budget airlines. EasyJet has regular flights from the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and Germany. Many other European countries also have cheap seasonal flights to Dubrovnik. Alternatively, you can get a bus from Split, although it takes some time due to the fact that you need to pass through a small stretch of Bosnia which cuts that area of Croatia off from the rest of it.


Trogir is one of Croatia’s top beach holiday destinations. It is an ancient harbour town with a population of around 13,000. It is now administratively part of the Split Metropolitan area being only about 25 kilometres from the city centre. Trogir’s beautiful harbour is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can enjoy peaceful walks down the promenade, surrounded by the enthralling architecture and colourful landscape of the place.

Aerial view of the Old town of Trogir
Aerial view of the Old town of Trogir

Being a very popular resort town, there is no shortage of accommodation in Trogir. It is also very easy to get to from Split Airport and there are regular shuttle buses throughout the day. In Trogir, you can enjoy some of Croatia’s finest beaches, take an excursion to one of the nearby islands or explore some of the ancient towns and villages in the area. You should also be sure to visit Kamerlengo Fortress, a 700-year-old fort built to guard over the harbour.

Where to stay in Trogir

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Let me know in the comments if you´ve ever been in one these cities or if you have any recommendations to ad to this post.

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