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Enchanting European Destinations

Anyone planning a short trip often lands in major cities such as London, Barcelona, ​​Vienna or Paris even though there are many other European Destinations that can be reached within a few hours and are just waiting to be discovered.

Antwerp, Belgium

The city ofAntwerp a European Destination picturing the City Hall
Antwerp City Hall

Our fist enchanting European Destination is the city of Antwerp. With more than half a million inhabitants, Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium. The port city is regarded as Europe’s former most important trading metropolis and impresses with medieval buildings and culinary delights.

Among the “sights worth seeing” are the train station “Antwerpen-Centraal” and the skyscraper “Boerentoren”. Castles, museums and churches make Antwerp a fascinating cultural city. From the roof of the “Museum aan de Stroom” you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

The Official Antwerp Tourist Office

Belfast, Nothern Ireland

The city of Belfast picturing the Belfast City Hall
Belfast City Hall

The City of Belfast has a lot to offer and is the home of the Titanic, a ship that sunk in 1912, whose story is told in the Titanic Quarter and in the newly built Titanic Belfast Museum. In addition to a huge harbour and a great location on a cut bay, Northern Ireland’s capital also boasts many Murals from previous decades. Over the last few years, Belfast has turned into a modern city with many bars, restaurants and events for all tastes.

The Official Belfast Tourist Office

Bergen, Norway

The city of Bergen a European Destinations picturing an aerial view of the old town
Aerial View of Bergen.

The heart of Bergen is Torget, the harbour square, where King Olva Kyrre founded his city in the 11th century. Today it holds the daily fish, flower and fruit market.  Along the wharf, huddling close to the castle for protection, the medieval town grew and became the first capital of a united Norway and its biggest city until the 20th Century when it was overtaken by Oslo.

Among the most famous sights is the old port front “Bryggen” with its UNESCO-protected wooden houses, a relic from the past, when Bergen operated intensive trade with the Hanseatic cities. Bergen also has a lot to offer in terms of culture – numerous museums, art galleries, cultural events such as the Bergen International Festival and a lively music scene.

The Official Bergen Tourist Office

Bucharest, Romania

The city of Bucharest a European Destination picturing the Palace of the Parliament
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest.

The next enchanting European Destinations is the  City of Bucharest. This is not only the capital of Romania but also the country’s economic centre. Because of its wide, tree-lined streets and the “Belle Époque” architecture, Bucharest is nicknamed “Little Paris”. The Romanians refer to their capital as “the city of unlimited possibilities”. In fact, there is one thing that does not happen in Bucharest: rules. Some of the main attractions are the “Palat ul Parlamentului”, which is the largest parliament building in Europe, the trendy district “Lipscani” and the “Piata Revolutiei”. Bucharest is also home to some of Romania’s most beautiful museums and has well-kept parks and vibrant nightlife.

The Official Bucharest Tourist Office

Graz, Austria

The City of Graz picturing the old town with the clock tower in the background
The main square of Graz and famous Grazer clock tower in the background.

The so-called little brother of Vienna, the City of Graz is the capital of the South Austrian province of Styria and has 305,000 inhabitants. Historic buildings and a creative, modern cultural scene characterise the image of Graz. The Schlossberg is enthroned in the middle of the city. From the former fortress with the clock tower on its plateau you have a spectacular view over the city. One of the landmarks of Graz is the Kunsthaus, which is also called “Friendly Alien”. Other attractions include the Graz Cathedral, the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand and the Landeszeughaus with 32,000 historical weapons. The main square forms the centrepiece of the medieval old town.

The Official Graz Tourist Office

The narrow streets lined with Renaissance and Baroque buildings are lined with shops and restaurants that offer plenty of culinary delights.

Do you know any of these enchanting European Destinations? If you know any of these cities, I would love to hear about your experiences.  Please leave a comment below.

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