Visit Queen Mary’s Bridge on your visit to Hohenschwangau

Directly on the southern side of the Neuschwanstein castle the rock steeply slopes towards the Poellat gorge. The name of that wild, deep canyon derives from the Poellat, a brook coming from the mountains and feeding the 149-feet high Poellat falls below the bridge. At the height of about 304 feet, the Marienbriicke bridges the gorge in a bold curve. This suspended bridge, older than the castle of Neuschwanstein, is a technological masterpiece of the time. As early as 1866, the firm of M.A.N. was entrusted by the royal family with the construction of the bridge, later named after Queen Mary, mother of Ludwig II (a Princess of Prussia), “Marienbrücke”.

The way over this bridge leads along a winding road to the hunting lodge on the “Tegelberg” (today a restaurant). Walking to the top takes approximately 3 hours. However, it may be reached more conveniently using a modern ropeway, the funicular being at the foot of the Neuschwanstein castle. The Tegelberg is one of the nicest points in the Bavarian part of the Alps, granting an excellent view to Munich and the “Zugspitze” in fair weather.

When walking from the bridge toward the Neuschwanstein castle, visitors will pass the viewpoint “Die Jugend” that grants a dream view over Hohenschwangau, the Alpsee, Schwansee and the Allgäu Alps. Benches invite for a rest, allowing the observer to enjoy the magnificent panorama.

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